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Let's Encrypt the Puppet Enterprise console

I've recently been working on brushing my puppet skills to keep them fresh; to get started I installed a Puppet Enterprise trial and began started with the latest version; I installed Puppet Enterprise on an fresh Ubuntu 16.04 AWS server and gave it a nice DNS name.

For my first challenge I decided to finish a task that had eluded me last year: apply an SSL certificate to the Puppet Enterprise console without using the console's configuration functions. I'm a big believer in infrastructure as code even for simple one time configurations. Furthermore, an SSL certificate will help keep the information in transit with the console encrypted and provides a better user experience in the browser.

The official instructions how to do this from the documentation are a series of manual steps that have you entering the configuration from the console. To save time and money I decided to use the Let's Encrypt certificate authority to get an auto generated password. I downloaded the